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Human   Therapist   Business Owner


After establishing a successful and sustainable practice, and becoming fully self-employed within 7-months of qualifying, I hope to use my learning and experience to support other therapists to reach their own goals in private practice too. 


I believe as self-employed therapists we have unique identities, responsibilities and needs in the realm of entrepreneurship.


We have a duty of care to our clients, an important code of ethics to adhere to, and a responsibility to be ethical business owners. 


In response to this thinking I established, and continue to run, my own practice on an idea inspired by Carl Rogers considering 'the fully-functioning self-employed therapist'. I believe as self-employed practitioners we (and our businesses) are made of three key parts:


(Human) Practitioner - (Therapist) Practice - (Business Owner) Business 


and in order to be fully functioning in our unique field of self-employment, it is important to care for each part. 

I believe that each element informs the other; works together to support our wellbeing and self-defined success as self-employed practitioners; and in turn, supports how we show up for our clients at the centre of this process.

 Visually, this 'HTBO' concept looks like:

 As a qualified and practicing therapist, careers coach, and business owner, I will use the HTBO concept to inform our work together and to support you to reach your business goals in private practice. I aim for this to be something like a bridge between supervision and business coaching, an open and collaborative space to support you on this important journey, with consideration and appreciation for all parts of you as a private practice owner. 

1:1 Business Coaching For private practice

Bridging the gap between supervision and business coaching

I offer individual coaching and mentorship to therapists looking to set up their private practice.


This might be for you if:

  • You're a therapist in training and hoping to open your own practice in the future

  • You're a qualified therapist looking to start your own practice

This is an open, safe and collaborative space to explore your ideas; get support with any barriers you might be facing; have practical assistance with setting things up; explore business and marketing strategies; have someone alongside you on this important journey; and much more!


Information, advice and guidance on pursuing a career in psychology and/or counselling


As a qualified career coach, I combine this training with my career as a psychotherapist to offer 1:1 guidance and advice for anyone looking to pursue a career in psychology or counselling. 

This includes support for college and university applications; placement applications; CV and cover letter creation; subject choice with this career path in mind; as well as support for choosing a specific pathway; and much more!

This is for you if:

  • You are interested in pursuing a career in this field

  • You are a therapist in training and looking for support with next steps (such as job applications or career pathways)

  • You are a qualified therapist and looking for support with next steps (such as job applications or pathways)


Workshops for Colleges & Universities

I offer presentations and interactive workshops on private practice.



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