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Further Information About Online Therapy

What is online & telephone counselling?

Online counselling is an alternative way to conduct therapy sessions, which involves secure online platforms for appointments. These platforms include Zoom, email or online chat. Similarly, telephone sessions will involve remote therapeutic sessions conducted over the phone (using WhatsApp audio). 

Usually, a client will identify the platform they feel most comfortable with and we will then continue sessions in this way.

What resources will I need?

For online sessions all you will need is an internet connection and a device which can connect to the internet (eg. a laptop, phone or tablet) and a quiet space to work from. For Zoom sessions, you will need a device with a camera (sometimes people like to have headphones on too, for an extra bit of privacy).

For telephone sessions, all you will need is a quiet space, your phone and WhatsApp.

Some benefits of online & telephone counselling:

  • Accessing therapy from your own home (or somewhere else you might find comfortable)

  • Being able to write down your thoughts and feelings (eg. in email and instant messenger)

  • Flexibility to choose how you engage with therapy 



Some things to consider while deciding how you might like to engage with therapy:

  • How comfortable you feel working with internet technology

  • Some online platforms, such as email or instant messenger, omit verbal and non-verbal cues, such as body language and tone of voice

Confidentiality & security:

To maintain your confidentiality and to support sessions to run smoothly, it can be helpful to identify a quiet space where you can engage with therapy undisturbed.

At the end of each session it is always important that you 'log out' of any online platform we are using for security and to maintain your confidentiality.

Assessing suitability for online & telephone counselling:

Online and telephone counselling are not appropriate if you are in crisis - please see the 'Services & Fees' section for the details of crisis helplines in the UK.


In our first consultation, we will talk through the appropriateness of online or telephone therapy for your therapeutic goals to ensure this is going to be the most effective form of support for you. If we find that online or telephone therapy may not be appropriate, I will always support you to find alternative help in this instance. 

Kimberley Cunningham
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