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I'm Kimberley, a psychotherapist, careers coach and private practice owner.

I'm qualified to help people prepare for a self-employed career in psychology, psychotherapy and counselling. I have a passion for helping qualified and trainee therapists build and maintain a practice that works well for them.

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I am originally from Eswatini, a small country in Southern Africa, where I spent most of my childhood. I moved to Scotland in 2012 to begin my training journey, where I completed qualifications in Psychology (BSc), Career Coaching (PgDip) and Psychotherapy (MSc). I now continue to run my therapy practice (mostly online) whilst travelling, giving me the work-life balance I have always dreamed of.


I am passionate about supporting other therapists to identify their skills, and further thrive, as business owners and to develop their career in the wellness field. I believe that fulfilled, cared for, and energised practitioners are hugely valuable to their clients and the world of mental health. 

I believe that helping other therapists to build a sustainable business, within a very meaningful career, creates a ripple effect of positive change.

What makes me different to other private practice & career coaches?

In addition to being an experienced therapist and business owner, achieving a global caseload, building a flexible and ethical business that I can take with me as I continue to travel the world; I have a qualification in careers guidance and development that gives me the additional knowledge, tools, and skills to support practitioners to develop their careers in the field of mental health and as self-employed practitioners. 

Similarly, I have also developed my own model for private practice.

Core education & training:

I have achieved the following core qualifications in psychology, therapy and career development:

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology - The University of Stirling

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Guidance & Development - Edinburgh Napier University 

  • Master of Science in Counselling & Psychotherapy - The University of Strathclyde

  • Advanced Certificate in Online & Telephone Counselling - ACTO accredited

I also have previous experience working with a careers service in the UK, offering advice and guidance to adults and young people. 

Professional memberships:

Registered Member (MBACP) of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy 

Graduate Member (GMBPsS) of the British Psychological Society 

ACTO Professional Member with the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online 


A Model fo Private Practice

After establishing a successful and sustainable practice, and becoming fully self-employed within 7-months of qualifying, I hope to use my learning and experience to support other therapists to reach their own goals in private practice too. 


I believe as self-employed therapists we have unique identities, responsibilities and needs in the realm of entrepreneurship.


We have a duty of care to our clients, an important code of ethics to adhere to, and a responsibility to be ethical business owners. 


In response to this thinking I established, and continue to run, my own practice on an idea inspired by Carl Rogers considering 'the fully-functioning self-employed therapist'. I believe as self-employed practitioners we (and our businesses) are made of three key parts:


(Human) Practitioner - (Therapist) Practice - (Business Owner) Business 


and in order to be fully functioning in our unique field of self-employment, it is important to care for each part. 

I believe that each element informs the other; works together to support our wellbeing and self-defined success as self-employed practitioners; and in turn, supports how we show up for our clients at the centre of this process.

 Visually, this 'HTBO' concept looks like:

As a qualified and practicing therapist, careers coach, and business owner, I will use the HTBO concept to inform the information and resources I share through Instagram, this website and other platforms. aim for these resources to be something like a bridge between supervision and business coaching, which consider and appreciate all parts of you as a private practice owner. 

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