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Mindfulness for Beginners

2-hour group workshop 

Friday 19th of March 2023


E400   |   In-person (Eswatini)

If you're new to mindfulness (and meditation), then this workshop is designed especially for you!

In this online supported space, you will:

- explore mindfulness as a supportive practice

- learn how to integrate mindfulness into your daily life

- explore two guided meditations 

- meet others who are new to the practice too

- have an opportunity to explore your personal experience of mindfulness

~ you're more than welcome to attend with your camera on or off ~

For this workshop you will need:

- a good internet connection (strong enough to stream Netflix)

- access to Zoom 

- a quiet space for the duration of the workshop 

- a yoga or exercise mat 

- a raisin (or if you aren't keen on raisins, then another small piece of food is great)

Why mindfulness? 

Research shows that the practice of mindfulness can greatly improve both physical and psychological wellbeing. Mindfulness is known to support many things, such as: reduced stress and anxiety, pain reduction, increased happiness and fulfilment.

To book your place:

Please get in touch with Kimberley by WhatsApp, on:

+268 78021257

I look forward to hearing from you!

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